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body and the choroid ; in part to the continued irritation produced by the
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of the stomach. A tincture is made by digesting two ounces of the hi*
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the vane ; the external ear, as a reflection of the ii
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given for the purpose of initiating labour it will probably not be successful
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even 60 respirations in a minute. Generally, however, the healthy ratio
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poisons may be mistaken for true tabes ; some of these cases of pseudo-tabic
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with rigors, more generally with languor, lassitude, loss of muscular
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colour, is inspissated, and yields the spectrum of methsemoglobin ; in it are
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free from arsenic. The suspected fluid is now introduced into the flask through
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Cases of the above description are not uncommon ; and a less degree
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concomitant circumstances. Being at a country seat near Edinburgh, in
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the wrist. In the early stage the skin is hot and dry, and is often covered
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commends the acetate of lead as a remedy in cases of violent salivation.
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the disease is likely to appear. The names given to it in past times — gaol
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my knife on its point, I gently withdrew it, and followed with my knife,
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males or widows dying after the same period ; and 14 unmarried womea
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when, being out of the article, I substituted (he bark, of which he took,
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It is well to quote his exact words, as the same ideas he expresses have occurred
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step-like pyrexia (or indeed any pyrexia at all), so may the relapse.
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la, was removed. The size of the calculi was about that of a hickory
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stupor. Disposition to sleep ; pupils rather large ; no cephalalgia ;
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in Trusses vended as mine, which are unsafe and vicious imitations. The genuine Trusses bear my
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time after the eruption of the tooth. Defects in this tissue are fissures and
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At the end of the time mentioned, the irritation had subsided, so as to
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qpme scanty, or cease, without undergoing the changes observed in some
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then the wrist and elbow, when the upper limb is affected.
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urinary calculi. I say novel, for I am sure neither common sense nor
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Copland*8 Diclionary, — A second volume of this highly prized work
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the dead tissue may become encapsuled and invaded by fibrous tissue,
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and it may persist in such abscesses for even years after the disease.
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A solution of silver nitrate gives a white precipitate which is soluble in
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one on the left side, and, under certain circumstances, are equally as
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diurnal variations. This is the continuous type of temperature, examples
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cure of ulcerated legs, by preventing the evaporation of the ulcers, by
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second line of treatment, which may be termed the obstetrical, need not be
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some private houses in the town, but there is not a very large supply of
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part affected by movement ; but oxidisation must keep pace with the waste. The
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It has been thought that it is not the crude mercury which is absorbed,
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down and ulcerate, and the very slow growth, together with the situation
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districts, embracing Wards 1,3 and 'd, and in casu which y>iU be treated at the roam daily.
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menstural periods stop with paxil stopped
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during primary syphihs, especially in those who live in damp and warm
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other instances it may be one of the numerous manifestations of the

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