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19. Penn RL, Kinasewitz GT: Factors associated with a poor outcome in tu-
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becomes a catarrhal icterus, a lithiasis or a neoplasm in a cholemic
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more stiff, and sometimes also the chest rigid and the jaws closed, re-
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we knew he may have been preparing to meet a gathering attack.
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former preparations of the Oil that they hear no comparison
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Leale, Charles A., 604 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co. Founder.
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subcutaneous injections is a grave disadvantage ; though serum
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author, in the reviewer's opinion, has gone wrong than in
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Conclusions. — It must be strictly understood that the
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tude, the mean annual temperature is also a little higher, be-
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Motion. — Loss of power occurs rapidly in one or both arms, together
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mechanism by which blood can be drawn at need from the abdomen and
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was active in local, public and educational affairs. He
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in the autodigestion of activated serum, the ferment action is in-
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fuses broadly with the body of the cerebellum. The fiber tracts
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Mass. ^Med. Soc. Fel. Am. Acad. Arts & Sci. ; Mem. Am. Pub.
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sected it from some half dozen different sheets, but
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when the weather suddenly changed from 60° to 18^ above
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to the ordinary Actinomyces hominis. Kanthack considers that the parasite
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5 Conn. Railway & Lighting Co.'s Bonds, . . $5,000.00
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creased or diminished, according to the age, sex, consti-

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