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1st time, 5,775; 2d time, 649; 3d time, 526; 4th time, 443;
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T-tube and timing of removal should be based on the
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conditions ; without there being anything distinctly new, there is a con-
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num dissolved in vinegar, an ounce ; myrrh two drams ; saf-
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four or five parts of lard, should be applied. This should be
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Snbserlptlon prlsaS5.0a (domestto); $5 JW, (foreign)
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the human body. Below 24° C. (75° F.) the growth may fail, but there may
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completely dull, and completely empty sound, have naturally the same
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siderable amount of labour, for it has to transform into unifbrm and regular (juick-
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maining with all the clothing on, in which the exercise has
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of the organ ; whereas when it occurs from external violence we
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occurs somewhere on the body, assisted it may be by
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tongue ; M 44 (Mark 77), had ankle-clonus two days after onset, but recovered
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and gunpowder (for the sulphur). The clothes of the patients are to
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from a normal condition as to do quite unheard-of things.
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to town to visit her daughter who was ill with cholera, re-
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A recent paper on the chemo-therapy of organic arsenical prepara-
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belly at any traveler's cost; but my youth and vanity
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class of cases generally rejected, viz., the chronic and incura-
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is dealt with. The presence of eosinophilia in cases of asthma is
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trench, were located between barracks, on the ground. Each
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well as motion, but it gives no relief to the pain. The part is insensible
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Causation. — This disease is met with both in natives and foreigners ;
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Hutchinson has shown that the retention of sodium chloride, the average
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medicine in the office of Dr. Norman Morrison. His father
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reason that it is impossible ; the most that can be done is to

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