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(from the optic thalamus and from the corpora quadrigemina) assume the

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we see, for example, polyneuritis very often in alcoholic subjects who are also

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ache; but the nature of these changes is still wholly unknown. We can also

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•^^cre loisture will be necessary; If the butterfat is nore than 80 percent! wa^-er

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exjwjple would be checjicals used to wash or te rtKaove spray residuals. Specific exasnples

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similar class conducted by a teacher recognised by the University

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usually find many nodules in the gray matter of the central ganglia and the

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Work satisfactorily completed in the clinical courses of either of these schools is

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We can sometimes do the patient good service with the remedies mentioned,

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iihe subjects in which he has already passed; it confers no fresh

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fected side with striking frequency, which, to a certain extent, is characteristic

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of £S0 on entraaee^aad the other of £15 at the b^^inning of the aecoiid

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DPSC Op. Man.}, specifies 11fml«d ver^rkation," consult Sec H3.4>

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Candidates who hare passed tbe First Professional examination

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iions Off the London University in the same year, on condition that he

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lively contractions. The ready occurrence of anodic opening and anodic clos-

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Degrees in Medicine. — Sections X. and XI. of the Ordinance, as enacted

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ward as the so-called anterior pyramidal tract (PyV, Fig. 127) in the an-

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first year of age (or that he will have done so before the day of graduation).

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privilege of competing for class prizes and certificates.

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polydipsia appeared in numerous members for several generations. These

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11:00, DuShane; Autumn, lecture: M., W., Th., 1:30; laboratory: M., Th., 2:30-

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considered on their general merits without further examination.''

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bottom section. The cooler should be covered to keep contaminants *^rom entering it.

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other disturbances upon the general economy and efficiency of the body. Autumn, Tu.,

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/rorivjiency Code Key_- Attachment I contains ''.he ?r r^f Ic icr.i: v ^v^-'.e- us^^? to .«5hc- -^r/^r ic lencv

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been repeatedly seen where the patient suddenly pauses in the midst of con-

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turning of the eyes, and clonic contractions in the face and extremities, some-

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3,000,000 per ml.) is usually recoamended for rejection.

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clonus !) occur first in one leg and soon after in the other. The gait constantly

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twenty-four years of age, and have obtained his M.B. degree two years

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exas^ile would be HlSs S shlM«J*«#^HJ!*I2***^ products are rejected to him. An

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Faculty of Medicine, and, after being accepted, the author has to defend it

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involvement of the arm muscles. — K.]. Paralysis of the laryngeal muscles

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patient rapidly improves, and he is often found to be better after an attack

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In cervical spondylitis the tendon and periosteal reflexes in the arms are also

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It is evident that numerous excellent methods are at our disposal for the

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