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medicine which is digested, however solid and dense, may be
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chemical reaction, the combination of 2 with hemoglobin is greatly in-
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they feel almost constrained to do, lest they become unpopular by so doing.
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of Amida (about 550 A.D.). The paragraph ' bears this heading : "De ea quae pleu-
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saving of more human lives than the very much lauded
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filtrate — achroodextrin ; digestive test, seven hours.
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nature of things they must have undergone their changes later than
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confusion in the references to the various parts of the figures.
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wiring. This is an operation simple in theory, but more difficult in
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and thus produces; a species of chilblain ; and we well know how
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of the body and its relation to other objects in space ; when this sense is
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The prices vary according to size — from $25 to $50. Sold by the
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In the left hemisphere a large area of softening was found extending
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lar canvas; its four solid colors— black, lilac, dark purple and
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could get an opportunity of changing them. During this time he had a
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attained by the careful study of great iiumlMfrs of jMrr-
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hibited nothing unu9ual> his appetite was very godd, and he complained only
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vomiting, some mercurial has usually been preferred.
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discovered, and a right hemicolectomy was done. After the
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ance that thej are, or will be, the better for them; or,
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peritonitis, by which the adjoining structures were
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physicians and their patients, it is doubtful whether many serious trials will
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stances, it is always very difficult to restore the
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away or was covered by a more or less continuous crust.
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of the views held by other pathologists as to the condition of the inter-
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dicated its influence on the course of other diseases. Von
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in the lungs in every case and can frequently be obtained by puncture. How-
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always contains some sugar. Potassium passes readily into
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Fig. 4.— Radiogram of a fractured patella (right).
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the alveolar walls cannot be demonstrated, hut such
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ment of the treatment) ; it was no longer present in the specimen taken
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similar furrow appears behind, just in front of the sulcus lunatus.

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