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insurance, and regularly, year after year, the bill has failed because

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twenty and forty. The most prominent symptoms are the frequent

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a milk diet ; while the form attended by enlargement of the liver yields less

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evidenced by an audible crackling and the extension of the contracted

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removed, and access given for more perfect treatment of diseased parts which

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the institution. We all know there was a time when she could have been re-

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awful backache and headache of which there are complaints in

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of the stomach offers no criterion for the assumption of the presence of a

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endocardium lining the left ventricle was thickened, In two instances

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reiterated in the June, 1919 number of their Review, Vol. IX, No. 2,

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so far that it included part of the cecum. He was compelled to

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In case there is a malignant stricture of the esophagus yevy

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posed, fetid, and exceedingly offensive. Delivery was accomplished by the

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I personally have seen one case which occurred when I was an intern in

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tube, the clamp was removed and some of the fluid was allowed to flow

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three-quarters of a minute. Thirty-four of the patients were cases of tabes.

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afternoon, to avoid excitement and to study himself in the light of

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which my personal experience has convinced me are not infre-

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stands in the way of crediting the bloodvessels with the transmission of

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tinal disturbance is the same in and after the second year as in the

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the course of another affection capable of producing anaemia. This may

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luetic, tuberculous and sympathetic forms, express the opinion

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pressure. This cannula measures J^-inch at the orifice and in our ex-

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tage of such treatment often consists in the impossibility of keep-

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extent. I think the reason this has not been recognized and accepted

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Duodenum. The duodenum is very difBcult to find. Only

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expression of an intense hyperaemia of the mucous membrane of the auditory

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a sputum examination which proves positive for tubercle bacilli ;

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left it reached out to the parasternal line ; toward the right, it extended a

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morphia, chloroform, etc., were given to meet the symptoms just described,

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resentatives of large aggregations of individuals who, in the final

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malleus and anvil were destroyed, and of the stirrup only the fOot-plate was

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The rent was in the anterior wall of the uterus ; a ragged curtain of peri-

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