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operated upon a good many children, but he entirely
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there are definite rules laid down in the Order for determining the
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Kiev, Ari. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry.
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a fatal termination is most usual. A comparatively rapid return to
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deal of good, after having been in Ashevilie three days !
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not need to pay railroad fare to listen to some one read a
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removal of the mole, even when no contractions of the uterus are present, an
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In veterinary practice, opium is not now so much used, as
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being coated with a dense layer of albumen, lower down
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nology, are, in fact, above all others, calculated to excite popular curiosity.
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of the more daring operation which was subsequently
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per is removed, the zinc introduced, and connection
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unrecognized, may travel about evading the health authorities
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seriously into our calculation. And just as railway accidents
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correspond in all particulars with Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus of Welch
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Very commonly the patients aborted, but in this case the patient went
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By John B. Bradbury, M.D.,. Physician to Addenbrooke's Hospital,
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and forme followinge first I recomend my soule into the
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The dose for injection ranges from the one one-hundred-and-
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us the best of his patients. The patients were all tremen
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group there were four cases, and in the second three. The
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by a natural selection the survivors have the diseas' in a
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rhage was possibly due to pressure from above. Then, too, a drain in
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the serological examinations of the blood and spinal fluid were
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0.1 c.c. of serum, the second 0.05 c.c, the third 0.025 c.c, etc To
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Horses) — Variety of Food necessary — Effects of
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tension. His views as to the importance of all of these
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the exposure. We may remark here that the interpolation of the sulphur-
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when these requirements are met, it would seem that the licensee is
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with tincture of iodine and the part covered over with antisep-

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