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1882 c. — Inauccessi dell' estratto etereo di felce maschio — improprio — come antel-

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John Pierce, Edgartown. Christopher Seymour, Northamp-

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ness is commented upon, gives the following excellent

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cents extra must be remitted for poatage on each volvmo.

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August, 1882. He is a man of medium height (5 ft. 9 in.), and

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unwilling to Baptism. Further, let no Christian ven-

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whole course of development, from the scolex condition to that of the

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continent, and belongs to the natural order Rhamnaceae.

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animal would cause the sensation of pain and probably some reflex ac-

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taken, and in four and a half hours after the first do e of it was given,

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extirpation in pregnancy, suggested it might have been possible

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* The works referred to, traverse for the most part alluvial districts, and

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Lamallo.— It will, doubtless, appear singular, that in the present

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occurrence of retraction of the two divided ends, and for the

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and if this is not plain enough, our next shall be unequivocal.

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is intersected by lakes and bays. The annual quantity of rain, on an

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turn the other side up, dry that well, and then pack in boxes

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last ; in fact, her mother says that up to that time she had

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E. Cullreth, Ph.G., M.D. Fourth Edition. Lea Brothers & Co.,

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been conservatism ; that is, that no unnecessary tissue

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nest, for buyers like to see a big sleek-looking yearling

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Goat. — The animal is a kid until a year old; a billy is the

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milk is plentiful, it is a good practice, as bread is certainly

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cases, not a single one terminated in purulent effusion.

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any form of public communication containing a false,

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knows what he is talking about unless they use a Peerless Separator. He is

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year; the books are consulted with greater care, and the

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and slight dyspeptic symptoms, such as loss of appetite, sick-

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tard] <Am. Vet. Rev., N. Y., v. 28 (5), Aug., pp. 467-468. [W a , W m .]

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of the typhoid organism which have previously been treated by an

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lation ; there was room for question relating to the

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No oedema present anywhere. The result of the ophthalmoteopic examination made

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is illustrated by the following table from Weir Mitchell and Eeichert : —

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of 672 feet in a second. It travels over the 1000 yards in a little

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of phosphoric acid, and no preparation has ever been offered to the public which seems to

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