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evident that with the knowledge at our disposal at present we

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took up the task from another point of view, and considers that

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Hospital; Member of the Chicago Gynecological Society and the American Gyne-

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gogue : the others are absolute emenagogues, as they will, in certain

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tinctive features of the theory itself has been for-

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so that the poison might flow away with the blood, applying

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Kolution of the albumen coagulated in the serum which is poured out under

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ities stepped in and stopped Punch obtaining any more refreshments for

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vidual under ordinary conditions of health, may be a matter

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comes down in the chamber. A barrel is soon empty if

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in a few drops of water gave only the merest trace of precipitate with

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The similarity to the previous case was mentioned, the possibility

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lessened, instead of increasing the urea and the sulphuric acid, and augmented

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guineapigs still die in the same proportion, and an equal number

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tiaj of the physical signs were detailed to ensure the

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;;j]uals or exceeds $ 1 00,000, and that the original judgment be

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reason to resist the mother's determination to take him home ; there

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All acute infectious diseases, associated with severe and con-

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think they have performed their purpose. If we get the case

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exact prophecies as to the outcome of any morbid con-

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especially if the thumb be introduced into the vagina and

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I mention this only and will not write more about it."

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pride themselves on having drunk such and such a quan-

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with a leaf on the production of roots and shoots by the leaf should

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Morbid Anatomy. — I. (a) In acute phosphorus poisoning the

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iron with the llesh.y part up, and put it over good hvely

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more fatal it became to rabbits the less so it became to swine.

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of crystals and fiecal material. Subsequently a longitudinal

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