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cent atrophy to a marked degree; so also the nerve trunks,
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ing often suppurates, develops between the rami of the lower jaw, and in
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blood-vessels and connective tissue, the malfoi"ma-
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it is easy to distinguish to which class the disease pro-
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The contents of this volume are: Surgery of the Head, Neck and
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Tablk No. 13.^ — Iodine added to serum — Contiiiuod.
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thready and feeble; respirations are rapid and shallow. He
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morality of the people ; and, as such, what is our exhibit
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breadth above the anterior wall of the pelvis, could not be felt on the fifteenth
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put together, or a little larger. These papular formations are attended by in-
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with loose boards or covers to secure from dirt or flies. It
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and these are the ones which, as a rule, produce the most striking
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one point about the gland that was of interest — its being directly in front
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old iritis in one case ; pulmonary phthisis in one case ; hyper-
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Within a fortnight after the discovery of the disease at Deptford
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possible to so manage these enclosures during winter months
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reputation of their conductors. Evidently such dis-
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to her registration at the clinic she had had severe pain
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your text-books, monographs, and contributions to jour-
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^^ In uie typhoid stage, the diffusible and permanent stimulants are
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less than one minute, by simply dissolving the powder in
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Mr. Croft't Com of Baeuion of Semilvnar Oariilagt. 159
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angle as possible. In other words, the capsule should be opened by a pretty free
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they fail to obtain a response. Whilst the administration of alkalies
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science courses those offered in the Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, etc.,
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a happy life, and amongst many regrets due to my imperfections,
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Woodbury, F. An instance of urticaria occurring as an initial
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sick, and their breath smeljs bad, it is said they have
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ground that the preventive virtues of vaccination were
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swallowed, unintentionally, a wooden spoon about twelve inches
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no damage if the patient moves, as it is rectilinear. The force of the injec-
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hygienic necessity, though it cannot be dealt with in
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etc. Good wood ashes with plenty of salt kept constantly in the

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