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must be renewed constantly before they get warm. A large piece
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more rapid, and the dyspnoea severe. This result is especially
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stopped, the respiration became shallow and slow, and a dull blue
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With respect to the bowel, the same principle of treatment holds
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cation of mechanical power and evaporates, to keep the skin moist
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difficulty in defsecation. The patient made an excellent recovery.
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year her metabolism is still 22 per cent, above normal, but she has gained weight,
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hours is now well known to vary considerably even in healthy
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Collier's Wine of Quinine. — Disulplaate of quinine, 18
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left lower eyelid. Two pinhead angiomas are also seen on the nose, and on
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Fever. Canine Distemper in the complicated form may attack the brain
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fuming in a little time, as that celebrated phyfician
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likely to cause annoyance, and immediate auscultation is sometimes less
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ent, three months after operation, this deformity persists, and it has
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regrettable mistakes by giving way to the belief in question. By
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fried fish, and the outside brown fat of roast or boiled meats.
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parent to all, and at the same time the pulse improved, and the skin
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of learning, will be henceforward remembered in the annals of
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originally Jewish, was also of independent Greek ori-
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healthy districts, thus making; new centres of contagion. And all cases
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the vision in the'corresponding eye was impaired. In Gibert's case
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ordinary round ulcer may be present and in one patient death was due to
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account of the pressure and the uncomfortable position : and
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Sixth Day. — Patient continued comatose, temperature and pulse rapidly rising.
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The Pathologic Physiology. — The question as to how the func-
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learn from actual experience, the modern methods used in office practice. We feel
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Wound infection is the most common complication, and
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These soluble vegetable matters are of several kinds. Cane-
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