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second to the seventh dorsal nerves. The "epigastric reflex" which resides

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versity of Calitornia-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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capable of sharp proof or disproof by well designed experiments

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A typical fissure of the anus and rectum is a pear-shaped or

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by inoculating cultures of which he has communicated chicken-pox to

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ment. One of the patient's sisters, when a baby, had mastoid disease.

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power of lymph obtained from thc-se three different sources when inoculated

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as long as they are taken will assist in overcoming the

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Kheumatism of the heart is first mentioned in 1814 by Russell,

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and Epidemics for the State of Connecticut, being called on for

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connective tissue growth which renders the liver large, one need only

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cannot prove otherwise than acceptable to both those who ha^ the

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lation of the sympathetic system. Recent observations of the same

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From what has been stated by Dr. E. of which the foregoing is but a brief

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Thoroughly wet his head and body with cold water, which

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mittee of nurses. This bill ha.s been referred to the Committee on Medical

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This report, which covers some 75 pages, is well illustrated with

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The course of an axcrage at lack ot ordinary bubonic

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Anything which detracts from the highest obtainable

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statement to which he can appeal, so that he is not dependent upon

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cumstances, it is al ways long enough for nature to inflict her penalties ;

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ed together. For a dose, take a tea-spoonful of this pow-

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for immediate transfusion. X-rays of the abdomen using

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men the following appearances were visible : A slight blush of

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in the selection of his illustrations and their arrangement, to

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to worse, although many thrive, as they are in reality

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eases of the horse are not inconsiderable, but his descriptions of

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(b) The radical removal of all lacerated devitalized tissues

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young, marriageable persons, it remains to be more striking, and less easily

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in the selection of watershed or " catchment " areas, and in controlling and husbanding the

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is gone ! To us who sat at his feet there can be no other

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