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development on the part of the natives ; and, further, that the absence

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•619 : 615 Kaufmann, M. Precis de therapeutique veterinaire.

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cine that is given them will have the desired effect to as-

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and various diseases had been shorn of much of the dread with

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carious on the man's arrival at Netley. He was placed in a large

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a precedent for the ample manner in which he discourses upon the subject he has

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the case with the one we are at present considering. This fact at

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. fluence for good or for ill upon his patient ; but it is something

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womb is immovably fixed by a deposit of plastic lymph, while

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twelfths of ail deaths caused by the tubercle bacillus were of the

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The general practitioner does not always fulfill his obliga-

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Causes. Lacerations, bruises and other injuries in par-

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ever the head commences to feel heavy and the urinary secretion

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that the supply is very inadequate, and until other means are used

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and Alabama, and Neal (1887) and Bitting (1891) in Florida, The latter

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Showing the formation of adhesions between the transverse.colon =^"'|'^o greater curva

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With reference to substitutes for sanatorium treatment,

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found to be extremely tender, the end of the ileum and the caecum

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haemorrhage ever does cause death when the injury consists of

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and are attended with more or less inconvenience or danger.

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seems to be about three millions. The average hemoglobin value

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McCasky, G. W. Clinical report of six months' experience with

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of London " is another secret of success that is unfor-

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by pressure of the forceps. The same may be said of the

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The former, with a considerable rainfall and •'gumbo"

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inclined to believe in its truth. Without denying the possibility of it,

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draws attention to the evil effects of sexual intercourse when

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portant not to mia the iodine solution with the urine, and not to

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immediately under the surface, and since a simple injection of

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The eyes are to be observed ; whether the pupils are dilated or

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charity, knowledge and pity, skill and sympathy are here in-

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similar observations on the structure of the vagus at this level

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which I have isolated. You will also see the appearance of the

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