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ing both muscles and brains, and when her friends pro-

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48 Euss : Electrical Treatment of Wounds, <£-c.

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The pneumococcus is usually present in the empyema of childhood.

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frequently in children than in adults. Signs and symptoms usually

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serve for one year, except the Secretary and the Treasurer, who may serve for

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external is a firm, china-wliite, hard skin and forms the

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Solution may be employed in various ways. All are combinations

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immunoassay inhibition. For example, extensively hy-

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among patients. As an illustration I would refer to a

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Ohanactis Douglasii, Hook. & Am. Bot. Beechy. 354 (1840-41).

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sterilizer for one hour was drawn on the disinfected hand,

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tion into the duodenum, or other parts of the small intestine, does not

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where the paralysis occurs at an early period of pregnancy or after the birth of a

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gation fluid used be a weak antiseptic lotion, that for the subsequent

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and other associated particulars, I again refer to the preceding Lecture,

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two years, having had several relapses chiefly owing to the fact

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Pulse and Cardiac Volume, Variations in the, with Corresponding Changes in the

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are rendered painful and difficult by the compression of the trachea

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subjected to Trommer's test for sugar. No sugar was present. The

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the animal not only evinced a great deal of pain, but sometimes,

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or efficiency, and asserting that it was not devoid of

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ing eight months old. There liad been no miscarriages,

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angina tonsillaris and appendicitis, while a little later Robinson^' pointed out the

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given to these delineations of human life — to the de-

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FTom the groups of cases studied under this and the preceding headings

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The Commission had its headquarters in Bombay, and was

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i ichism. 2. Male climacteric symptoms when these are

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rienced M. Louis, who, in his admirable work on Phthisis, observes :

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very nature of things, makes the treatment one which can. with correctness, be determined

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