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the following solutions: sodium hydrate, potassium hy-

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thing to put clean meets to the bed before the tenth

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r Institut Pasteur, started by M. Duclau,x, professor of

modafinil headache next day

next year the sagacious Dr. Franklin appeared upon the field and began a

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Prof\ Gross prefers. The insertion of a needle beneath the vein

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Odier,' after an elaborate series of experiments, has

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always formidable. In fact, death has more than once occurred

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association, agreeing to the following conditions, in return for

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between gall stone and stomach disorder, because that con-

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Arnold and Sons, London, from my specification. The

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350 or 400 tons of beets a day is as small as is profitable

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bladder, nearly along the median line of the body, as a

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1896. In 1897 he was vice-president of the section of medi-

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tassium hydrate until alkaline, then add 10 mils of ether,

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the return of the intestines to their normal state. The late

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in the order already adopted for the treatment of the displacements

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also the intestines were uninjured and the wounds closed

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to have occurred. The first two of these, being already well-

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Kasota was closed in order to halt the spread of the disease.

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region. If these veins be cut the blood will interfere with the

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perature, a leucocytosis (25.000), pain and stiffness in

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the body, particularly on the legs. This disease in that respect resembles

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endometritis are certainly most ' encouraging ; but even conservative

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muscular action, sexual excitement, etc.), and in exophthalmic

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the treatment to which I submitted her : in point of fact, the joints

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very generally employed. I have tried them in a variety of

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the wooden pegs protruding through the soles of the shoe, by the neglect of the maker to rasp them

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is a period of comparative immunity. It is during that period

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to be displaced by the latter. As regards partial hyste-

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without inward and a suture passed and tied on the outer side. By

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medical department of that institution, but though he accepted

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