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sea winds in regard to the points of Ihe compass may extend
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information of interest to zoologists and veterinary scientists. The
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functional disease. The theory that it depends on minute structural
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answer to the following query was read by Professor
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regions where fodder is secured in a wet musty condition
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the outlets of but two important rivers and has comparatively
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bacilli were found were followed or preceded by cases of
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County Jail to await the action of the County Physician who when
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parity tells injuriously on the prospects both of the mother and
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they may happily have it were a strange thing else but
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diabetes progressive muscular atrophy tabes are occasion
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from those which obtain in ovariotomy and they should be
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with an excellent spirit prevailing. The young people showed powers
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lymph varied. In some conditions were bettered in others
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seen. Doubtless it had acted somew hat as a valve obstructing
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manent enlargement of the joint but will demand the
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years. A large number of cases of this operation were
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Bourgelat mentions the case of a horse which fell in a fit the
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dermic injections of the sulpho carbolate of quinine. Yellow fever runs its
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that this condition of the optic papilla is pathognomonic of sclerosis of
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undertake or decline an operation and must be guided in our prc
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gest to us the appropriate remedy. The aim of the sani
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independent and individual conceptions. The charges of
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clavicular articulation. I do not think there has been
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the same point and take a more or less spiral course.
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for the physician to determine is the form of impaired
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this process of ulceration forming a sac with walls more or less
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entirely above the insertion of the capsule the head of the
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although not very marked there is response of the muscles
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been described as urticarial or even vesicular. The rash may persist for a
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advice is given to a patient with hypertrichosis however slight.
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brane. On another portion of the plenra pulmonalis I found
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the fifty sixth the cervical glands became painful on the fifty seventh
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sloughing. Poultices and cold water sufficed to allay this and the
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had to some high inland health resort or Spa and amongst these
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Abt. XIV. Thoughts Philosophical and Medical selected from the Works
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This patient objected so strongly to the use of the

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