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second blade first running the risk of injury to both mother and

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act. It is not possible from clinical observation or from studies

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Robert S. Preston. The modern treatment of syphilis and the con

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It will sound strange to veterinary surgeons to be told that cold

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leading consulting plivbicians of London and Paris.

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this residue more fluid and cleared it somewhat and here digestion

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than Dr. Gross taught as to bloodletting The writer does not notice

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The source of light used is a Nemst lamp. This is a

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suddenly appeared between the thighs. I immediately practiced

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solution placed in the eye. The parts and instruments must be

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was a feeling of tension and resistance throughout that region but no

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Fig. Structure I i Fibro Lipomatotu tumour lt lt isolated cells showing

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that the function of these corpuscles is mainly that of car

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reputation in the various localities he may visit in to

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sole if neglected at this period germs are developed

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than nephrotomy. Morris has reported cases of partial resection in

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a year the eyes began to protrude and at the time she entered

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exhalent vessels when relaxed by debility as in cases of exces

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of the eye. In an eye possessing this deformity the retina and chorioid

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checked by pressure over the tonsil or at all events by

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Furthermore it is of clinical importance to remember that the

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Tuberculin is firmly established as a reasonably accurate

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he very soberly makes two indications but what are they viz.

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second joint. A good deal of thickening exists about the duo

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on this interesting subject together with an elaborate historico

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a separation from Iriends was unnecessary that the heavy ex

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bacillus bronchitidis putridfe. Alfieri and Bernabei described a

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The portrait of Mayow speaks of gentleness honesty intelligence

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the cyst detached from the adherent viscera it was incised

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is pyridium available over the counter in canada

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and before much exudation has occurred. But in private practice such

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state and the clear proof of this is that a quantity of fresh

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roamed the air from adopting the wound as a locality favorable

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destroyed. Pigeons blood was also tried the whole blood being

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I wish to acknowledge my obligations to Dr. William R. Nicholson

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and periarterial thickening was widely spread. It is not easy

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it is still administered its supposed good effects are explained

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