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have open fire-places and electric bells. Marble operating and bath rooms with

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Mit« proportion of an alkaline Phosphate. Phosphate of Lime maj

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exdte the intestinal canal into action, and to maintain it so subsequendy.

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with room for from forty to fifty students, each having his

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standard book upon this subject. The subject of the

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case of that disease ; and you can see the importance of

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remedy by the natives of the Fiji Group. It was introduced to the notice of the medical profession

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of the ureter, and subsequent more or less extensive disappear-

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the liquid being confined by the tough fibrous walls. Or

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other remedies, but is considered a valuable auxiliary to

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the lowlands of the southern parts of Bengal with Calcutta for the chief city.

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is evidenced by considerable irritability of temper, often pro-

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Base in Texas he had duty as Chief, Aviation Medicine,

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evils which have been aheady inflicted. Hence the rule

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was called yesterday to visit the body of Albert G.

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and large quantities of fat seemed to have been dis-

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