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be made by the police authorities, and all dogs, of whatever age,
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this occasion, nor becoming the circumstances under which^
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we easily cure dyspepsia connected with an excess of acid secretion,
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tion Law. These states thought that the Federal Government should be
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to modern surgical needs than is possible further forward. The
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are established in the various districts of our cities, where the babies are
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that is recent. It would be greatly improved if there was a
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—as little as 0.02 mg. ( 1/3200 gr.) which is sufficient to control meno-
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1896. In 1897 he was vice-president of the section of medi-
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commensurate with either their efficiency or the irrepressible
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a passive immunity is obtained which only lasts as long
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sides is limited in extent by the accessibility of the tumor, but
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and serviceable condition of the first-aid packet is always verified.
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an interested, and in another sense an uninterested
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the fluid does not escape upwards through the abdominal
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simply placed in contact with the skin will not reach this microbe and
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shed light upon the common anorexia nervosa of childhood.
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evils which have been aheady inflicted. Hence the rule
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the early stages the carbonates or bicarbonates of sodium
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Holmiensem. v. 1, pt. 2, pp. 533-1327, 18 1. 8°. Vindobonae. [W c , W s .]
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mals, but I have vainly searched for any quotations from it. That
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and there is no need to remove the mouthpiece, since
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arterial blood pressure. (The preliminary addition of barium to the nutritive fluid may be disre-
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eyes. It was followed by atrophy of the muscles, impairment of vision,
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Masson (Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Vol. X, p. 997 et seq.)
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of epidemic pneumonia; the first in the spring of 1821, and the last,
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rays at the fundus oculi, as the existence of an albugo
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more vascular than natural, especially along the larger curvature and about the
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takes in drugs. This, however, he contended, rei)re-
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the action of the drug M'ere well observed. His results

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