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which I know would be of value, for after all ** experience
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Moreover, true enzymes are characterized by the fact that, like other
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ticle I mentioned different remedies which I used in the
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Garfield Peak. July 29, 1894 (No. 688); Centennial Valley, Au-
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one blue and the other red. On one side of the white center is
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individuals outside their institution. A number of the pa- j
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Medical Journal." The report of delegates to the other Branches was
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of the fibro-nerve tissue, and ligate at that point.
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to the uterus, it was evident that the tumour was neither a
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DOSE:— 30 to 4S g-rains '4 to 6 tablets) per day, taken after meals. Each tablet must be allowed to disintegrate inatumblerfui of water
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less our predecessors of the Meigs, Dewees and West
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I )r. Lundy attending several medical meetings en route.
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at this port. On yesterday, up to ten o'clock, only
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of Washington ; Norman Bridge and J. N. Danforth, of
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turn of the disease when the patient was seen a year
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Erichsen in his book treats of it in a very cursory way, but in
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so doing something will fall ; it may be what we aim at, and
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colloid material. It is probably the result of the recurrence of slight
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ill sustained, but soft in quality. With mitral insufficiency,
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and F. T. Hambrecht. "George Tiemann & Co., the American Armamentar-
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three strips. The top of the first strip seems to be missing. Clear handwriting.
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plication to the nervous structure, as found in those tissues with
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condition, and has become threadbare if not entirely exhaust-
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consult some of our more celebrated gynecologists, get well
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once reported the case to the sanitary superintendent
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fuse illustration, the language is clear and concise,
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preserved their sensibility. From the umbilicus to the xiphoid appendage the
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60 that it can be used again for different purposes." If this proves true, the
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nor has it been considered of great economic importance. An explana-
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temperature of 64^, and that the body should be kept perfectly quiet. Sir
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