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temporal convolutions.. The auditory field and special auditory

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that has unfortunately gained access to a potato heap and gorged itself

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the clinical work. But this is not all. Since good teaching must take

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the parents of diphtheritic children. Ready as our profession always has

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trouble. gave plantain meal and the diarrhoea was soon arrested. As


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be accomplished by diminishing the ingestion and increasing the excretion

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the object to be aimed at in treatment is to restore the cerebral

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fracture of the parietal region. He was brought to the hospital

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acute septic infection. The question regarding blood

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mania. Melampus having noted the purgative effect of whrte hellebore

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complaint of pain. Equilibrium was maintained without

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toxic is the first point to be considered and it has constantly been

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tion before injury mechanical or other is done to the important struc

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of injury. The limb is usually carried very straight there

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tds Ihrotighotit the entire body raising the blood pressure

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the upper anterior surface the oesophagus enters. Tl

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urine was slightly albuminous. She recovered perfectly.

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very persistent effleurage vigorously applied will be found a valuable

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poliomyelitis. In poliomyelitis reflexes are unequal

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to live outside the womb it is discharged by the act of

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he found that it had a specific gravity of and contained

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demonstrating that the powerful reflexes set up by cold appli

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tissue. When bone is involved there may be formed osteophytes and scleros

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No intestinal parasites were found. The mucous membrane of the lower

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of interrupter in which a gas dielectric is used is

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That Sharp might clear up this difficulty hev r as cerr

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from their length and breadth the unbranched condition and the form

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tant to try and control the evil at the onset. The most hopeful

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albuginea apparently offering an unyielding wall against

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hitherto been so considered. But to take another illustra

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per cent by weight in the anterior thigh muscles and

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fatty degeneration of the muscular fibres of the organ. In life such a

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which decreases that condition corresponding to the influence

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value whatever as a means of lowering the temperature or of

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bodies so he claims the pathogenesis of anasarca is more or

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Ribs The ribs are considerably more bowed on the right than on the

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tannic acid and also a slight precipitate with platinum chloride I con

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therein. The foregoing facts prove beyond a doubt the

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their organization for as Dr. William Detmold recalled many years

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Addison s disease and the doubts raised by many eminent

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ment and patience and careful watching are most essen

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symptoms of a cerebral growth presumably an approachable

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