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A Text-Book of Histology. By A. A. Bohm and M. V. Davidoff.
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desire to report this case. It was that of a woman sixty-two
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In the few cases which have been under my care, I have seen no decided
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my colleague, Professor Doumer, I have treated in this way i)atients
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necessary effect of these changes, but it will vary in form, according to
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measuring scale by which general intelligence (as distinct from
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proof that the cause was marshy effluvia ; fevers of the continued
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beiiu Rpifen der Kase. Ztschr. f. TJnter.such. i\. Nah-
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even a presumptive diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the patient
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secured, but the ureter had slipped and was blocked up
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the bleeding ; and the existence of these ulcers is likely to prolong
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having a fixed and glassy appearance ; the pulse was small,
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growth to that of the streptococcus is found in gelatin incubated at
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follow chapters on insomnia as caused by disordered
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cases, are not necessary; even without these measures good results
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than in carcinoma. 3. This action is chielly due to the
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cruelty are rare. The sense of humanity is keen and active.
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patients having exophthalmic goitre. Other sera examined have
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acuity of a squinting eye, such as corneal macular, striae in
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for a very active business man of from thirty-six to forty-
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purposes, are those most commonly afflicted with obesity.
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that the mark of the ligature went uninterruptedly round the whole
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of her back and inferior extremities were afflicted with ex-
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Chfisichtnrh Ujtioii. — Jlr. J, H. Cartwiight has resigned the Eastern
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acid, yield a red color only when present in amounts exceeding 0.5
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the effect of a picture." He complains of the rough plagiarisms of his
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settled as to cortical motor and sensor)- areas. In the
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cous membrane in the surface of the muscular substance, and dividing the tip
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by rashes and there is no coryza — in measles there is coryza but there
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some sort of physical examination. As a final and most
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from disuse (which, however, gives a different picture), secondary trophic
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unsatisfactory, the complexion being sallow, showing evidence of
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It is the uncertainty in the action of remedies, the
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did not operate early enough because I could not feel
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Dr. Geikie — It should be out as soon as possiljle.

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