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ings so that the greater incidence of the disease in the women, who stay at home, as
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reasons for selection of term as most applicable — A disease
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The Board will deviate from this general plan when-
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8 Bull, de la Soc. med. des Hop. de Lyon, April 30, 1903, p. 151.
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these symptoms are constant; and cases where local symptoms of
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Obstructive diseases of the nose were found to be common complica-
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chance to lie. The crowd went wild got up. To my surprise it was the Big
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glass. This method had been previously employed by Alferow, 2 but it had never
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accompaniment of tricuspid regurgitation. Its mode of
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3. Demonstration of Specimens, Slides, and Photomicrographs
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Put bladders or bottles of hot water, or heated bricks, to the pit of the
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" In the present case, however, the reason for the disqualifi-
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more truly recognized, and there his relative position in the history of art,
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He knows what the State of ISTorth Carolina pays the Secretary of its
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very irritable from an eczema which completely covered his head.
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ment for the care of nervous and chronic na n a— ,
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1. Chronic Postdiphtheric Laryngeal Stenosis as a Cause of Persistent
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Medical College. First Edition. Los Altos, California,
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the thyroid which have not their counterpart in other tissues. The anat-
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ited in these patches, softens. It softens somewhat ir-
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interval ; but on the other hand we must take into account the
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inches in diameter. Its surface is ornamented by the acacia, the symbol of friend-

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