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the system needs it. The glycogen readily unites with the

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a plan of the allopaths, throughout the Union, to establish not only

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muscular tremors and weakness, on account of which the

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ever been seen to exist in the healthy state. Observations some-

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even though the condition of the heart or lungs would

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forceps three more fragments of bone, after which the wound healed up ; and

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ph.vsiol. et de path, gen.. Par., 1900, ii, 243-2.58. Also,

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county hospital, and because of his continuing work

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Health Insurance, prepared by the American Associa-

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faith, derived from my own experience, in its efficacy for curing the

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fewer episodes of vomiting and no use of rescue medica-

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of the Court, who, if I remember rightly, are more interested in a

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the surfaces of the wounds from contact with urine, and that

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of the ear, is also due to this skilful anatomist, who has in

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teen, the primary seat of the disease was in the skin or

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and practical experience of Stille on the therapeutical and clinical side,

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tures the resultant rent vertically, employ- gram being obtained in crystalline form,

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favors an unstable nervous system in the offspring,

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troubles arise, fever occurs, and finally puerperal fever (con-

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" 6thy As albumen becomes visibly coagulated by the effect produ-

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blunders, the opportunities for observing the effects of animal

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same physicians and a diagnosis made of blood-poison-

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as the skin ; speaking generally, a lowered specific gravity, with a

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case the appendix was attached to the ileum, just below thi

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analogue, if the doctor should prescribe a drachm of any

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are chiefly due to the toxic action of the specific ferment;

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Septic infection, rather Bevere in character, has occurred in fourteen cases,

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iodoform in collodion or flexible collodion (1 : 12-15) applied twice daily,

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diagnosis of course resolves itself into the recognition of the

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ity of cases where it was absolutely necessary, and he

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in suspense. Poncet claims to hold the key ; for he says, very often

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a 2+ reaction to dog hair, chicken feathers and sheep wool.

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Creating training programs that help workers shift from declining industries to growing

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Contagkim vivum. — It appears to me impossible to ponder over the various

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ratory Improvement Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety

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muscle is firm and of a deep-red color. Histologically the

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mach and coUatiiious organs, sinking of the pulse, coldness of the siu'face,

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pean country would such opportunities be overlooked. The

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of a tonic kind on the muscles of the back and of the limbs. For the

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