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and appliances, (such as curved scissors, upon a table, a convex-

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importance here to call attention to a preparation in the patho-

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preted as due to the vasomotor paralysis following the removal of a

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rain or pond water; in spring water they soon die. The

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blood of the mother to that of the foetus, nevertheless pathogenic micro-

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Pipes near the surface, as in a stable, are liable to be

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the heart is pounding away with all the vim and vigor such occa-

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this case the polymorphs were in less than the normal proportion.

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chronic laryngitis locally ; middle age, forty per cent, in a

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discharge, since the long narrow prepuce will perhaps be concealing

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but all the old authors from the time of the Father of Physic to the pres-

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Thos. McCrae (Johns Hopkins Bulletin, January. 19x52) says

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in analyzing the cases from this standpoint it has been necessary to

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themselves, write the editorial in their January No. This

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" Premarin " therapy, it has been found, has in it a certain "plus"

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cipal anatomical characters of osteomalacia, but usually, as I have

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sight between the approximated serous surfaces. The

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titioners of this art among the Hebrews and Egyptians (see

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subscriptions, we find an indifference or lethargy that is sur-

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strues, let the woman sweat, for that opens the parts, and the

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recalculated by Williams, Riche and Lusk,-*' and the chart of their

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is also deserving of notice, recalling as it does the sensational

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tive albumins. ^^Hiether we are to suppose that this

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regarded the cat microsporon as rare in France, and described the ectothrix

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phenomena of living beings, nor indeed any of such as are

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from cancer amounted to 78,479. Thus, beginning with the year 1856, the

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sunlight are accomplishing miracles and these are the very agencies

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diseases which enjoyed the largest circulation were the works of

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