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liberty of presenting a brief account of a few cases of this
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peutic measure, the moral obligation is so great that we cannot
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doses, three times daily. He began to improve at once. His
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The remarkable passage we have cited above, in which our
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just large enough to admit the index finger, which be-
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persons who, while in a state of hypnotic somnambulism,
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418 M'Clellan, Extirpation of the Parotid Gland. [Oct.
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for future use, a preserving ink is applied, to prevent
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violent epileptic convulsions) ; at another, in some irritation of
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find out how homeopathic conclusions can be drawn from such sources.
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more rarely the tenacious mucus so characteristic of pneumonic sputum.
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oleate of mercury (six per cent, solution) or any correspondingly
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result of one typical experiment which disclosed that 98.64 per cent,
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sabstanoes which have plaved their part in the stage of life, dnd which eiwge
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and various diseases had been shorn of much of the dread with
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Gbntlbmbn : The unusual number of cases of kidney disease
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gical effect. I have had this fact beautifully exem-
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little question but that they all ended in death ; and thus,
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'345°9 Outlines of Roman history from Romulus to Justinian
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the body. Such effects are very serious indeed. A temperature
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When every means failed to procure relief, and death was imminent, though
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cancer and Zinner thirty-four. ISTevertheless these growths were
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kidney had been pushed down ; for whilst isolating and removing the
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" tendency, " which is sometimes mistaken for heredity, or
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unconsciousness and paralysis or mental affection you will have
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1903 <>. — Line 1 Revision der Fasciolidengattung Heterophyes Cobb. (Notizen zur
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to save the life of the mother. Dr. Fleetwood Churchill gives various
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stitutions. The object of such a course is to teach the stu-
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tumid and fluctuating ; oedema of face and legs ; pain in the right
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other diseases, in order that each citizen may not only .have as

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