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less pubescent. Less striking differences have sometimes been held

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were in a fair way to consummation ; these improvements were of advantage to

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In- Growing JVail. — On a former occasion we refered to Dr. Gilmau's treat-

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has just been sent to mo by Mr. Gardner, surgical instrument

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The two classes varia, in which, for reasons to be presently

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posed that the intestine was imperfectly strangulated,

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Bonner, Catlett, T. L. Bond, Menees, J. E. Eenner, John B.

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William H. Park, M.D., Professor of Bacteriology and Hygiene,

soma uk dictionary

By following the full black line which represents the tracheotomy mortality

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or phlyctena the size of a millet seed or a hemp seed ;

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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences , puhliiilied at

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three months before admission, with pain in the abdomen, and when he

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fact that such instruments are employed by surgeons

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value and the further perfection of existing methods or instrumen-

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Atropine in small doses 1-80 repeated every four hours, or

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themselves as much as possible, with the post-mortem diagnosis

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be enumerated. All reforms are lesson in patience. The remote

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third of the thigh, the damaged state of the tissues

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of the treatment. The patient was- under treatment several

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now, was to bring about a greater solidarity among medical men by

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a structure capable of being developed into a living

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times diseased, without their having the hooks, for

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was sufficient to force the serum of the blood through the capillaries

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and buccal mucous membrane. In cases which are characterised by

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the K\^x . Hut it i* ,-**«x a <v>vk^aeq«cffM^« ai>d act a diiwt operatioa. Sodi

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has an especial reputation as a milk-maker {American Druggist,

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Corkill, Clifford Clayton, s, a, Chicago. S.B. '22.

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would notice that although the cancer cells might be em-

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the outline of the pattern ; this pie<;e is the hplirit-

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diarrhea of phthisical patients it will act as an astringent, of

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