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old and insane ist rib unkiu wn. Conuuonest site at or

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was very strong often muscular and the foramen ovale

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by Lembert sutures. Should the general peritoneal cavity be in

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similarity of experience develop diarrhoea in the one case

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syphilis preceding the eye affection would be in favor of the

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the weight of opinion was against me. I had then been here only

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weeks before the patient has succumbed from exhaustion.

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of them. He thought that Dr. Ferguson had perhaps rather

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gard to the occurrence of sepsis and the use of dressings

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successful. By concerted action of these gentlemen the Business Com

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mater and pressed on the lower portion of the ascending frontal convolution

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iris and frequent rigidity of the pupil I have for two years

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of a dead foetus from which the waters have drained

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badly ventilated schools theaters or barracks is not suf

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of syphilitic disease of the brain. Taking a large number of cases

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and septic consequences complicate the result a soft catheter and

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lowest and by a great deal if we consider that among these cases

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man with the exception of an attack of yellow fever many years

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In stained specimens particularly micro organisms of one or more

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Many cases never come under treatment the first are the final symptoms.

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character of the disease which it causes. We have to consider

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poisoning comparatively rarely occurs unaccompanied by any other

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toxic action of eel serum fifth the production of a precipi

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political and literary circles of the Irish capital at the end of

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ideal of the medical school of the future. Had they been intended

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accomplished much in elevating the general tone and

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dental surgeon while chilling may be avoided by the

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