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infant- weigher a ready means of settling this question with some

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powder whenever a fresh suspension was needed. Dr. Claypole pre-

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ture, Tuesday, January 25th, 1887, 8 P.M. " History of Multi-

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guished by the peculiarity that active and passive movements,

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various causes of pain in the back : they are legion ; but for some


management, life may be prolonged for some time, but the patients

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It is proper to state that the two children did not


urer on the Principles and Practice of Medicine, and on Clinical

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of blood. The conviction grew in strength with every new case, and I saw

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^vet he Jhad suffered in his crossing the Frith the

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long'ed bracing. This boy was treated by a number of

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cepted Pingaud's explanation as satisfactory, and, with some

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strong and shapely limbs, chests deep, full and strong, which will strengthen

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are the products of the confusional insanities, and more especially

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absorbed by resolution; but when more than }i full, absorption will not

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cine as for general use. To this add No. 8, as given

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calcification may occur, but in experimental tuberculosis in the pig it has

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expense she hired a house, engaged a qualified doctor from

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prepared to admit that the nerves have any positive influence

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committees. These committees constitute a potential and, to some

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glass of water. Dose, teaspoonful every half to one

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Junior University, and WILLIAM N. SuLUVAN, M.D., formerly Surgeon of U.S.S. "Cor-

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time and trouble to mark the <jraves should have been

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agonized face, his rigid arm, his constant motion to secure relief, the

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on surgery, of which the first edition appeared in 1831, I have

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him to understand that he might consider their mutual relations were

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pages of printed matter the most essential facts which must be learnt

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of nervous dyspepsia. It is common in the large cities,

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Hospital No. 2,634; Male; Age 42 Years. Process Confined to the Right Lower Lobe.

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chosen calling. The ardor and inexperience of youth should be suit-

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is a marked purulent infiltration. These varieties are produced by

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