Valor Do Remédio Sominex

in tlte arterial lilood supply of the hepatic cell, produeiiur a local accu-

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hogs w^hich were subjects of interstate commerce and which were

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tioii of the nerves. \or are they |)rimarily dependent upon the een

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The injection of the organism into rabbits by way of the ear vein

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is relatively frequent in the third decade (see ease report), but rare

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tistics in support of their respective views. Analyr

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New Madrid 10 Claude McRaven Marston B. J. Allenstein New Madrid

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asking that the Association name a physician to re-

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* pail of disinfectant solution into which he thrusts his knife before

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sionally, although true acini do not exist (fig. 2).

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(Boophilus annulatus) were investigated and will be described

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questions that you may have concerning these and other Ciba products.

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.■.".iil.'iit '.I' simihiils |.!rpari'.i .'\tra.'ts ,.r tli.' I'.'slin- uliin.l •■iii'l "( "ii.'

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PEDIATRICS — Intensive course, four weeks, starting

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no adipose tissue. The peritoneal cavity contains about 40 c. c. of bloody

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previously. The strong beats were seen at the apex with wavy impulses

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to each other at intervals of about 5 feet, so that the structure stood

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a fpnblo stimulus applied to the flank calls forth only a slijibt flexion

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position that whatever differences there may be between them are

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generation the human tubercle bacillus will present luxuriant growth, but micro-

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full advantage of the native breed of hogs. The breeders had made

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he had pulmonary tuberculosis in 1925, and he was hos-

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" U. S. Retained " tags, and the carcasses shall be removed from the retaining rooms and

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the patients come to such centers because of minor complaints or because of the occurrence of cancer in their

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Pork Sausage. — Can not be so called unless made from pork meat only.

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