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" MM. Marshall Hall, Heming, and Ireland, in England, have per-
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discourse on the life and character of the deceased, during the present
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lucent embryonal glial tissue. It varies greatly in thickness, and its inner
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administering the Balsam of Copaiba willioiit taste or smell.
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to the surprise of the medical attendant, the shafl of each part of the
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Inoculation. — The inoculation of syphihs, so far as is known at present,
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through that disorder. The circumstances were considered extraordi-
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cal advantages afforded to students in their school of medicine, are of a
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acid, has no acid reaction, but it coagulates albumin and destroys tissue,
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moving the head, or trunk, or limbs, or by combinations of these, while the other
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Retention of the ideally healthful state, usually ascribed to infancy, is
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the thiosinamiu is thrown down in part and necessitates heating of the solution before
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potency as well in capillary tubes, owing to the lymph being more exposed
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ion from the joint. This practice must be reserved for the sub-acute
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been severe, they indicate a hopeful degree of reaction, and are usually
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the pulse rate falls also ; but in bad cases, when the fall of temperature is
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otherwise. Excuse it from your friend^ Oliysr Pabtbibge.
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tubercles have I found ulcerations of the epiglottis, larnyx, or trachea,
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lars (from five to twelve shillings, English) ; besides this, the physician's
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den and violent fits, as they are commonly denominated, which some-
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private course, on the 10th, at New York, the students organized them-
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forward, while the operator stands straight in front of him with the grip on the
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which the muscle is attached, is equally effective. The jaw-jerk must be
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Treatment. — Chloroform should be administered by inhalation so as to
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As a purely active movement it would be termed arm m- arms up^vard bend.
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the S3dium salt of chaulmoogric acid separated on standing for a day.
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disease is almost sure to follow. In such cases, these remedies must be
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to distinguished individuals in foreign countries, to encourage, by their
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cavity. The result as regards improvement was not, however, encouraging.
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80 on throudi his tour. In 1834 he published " Rapport sur les alienes/'
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I There wa<«, however, a very considerable lividity about the neck, shoul-
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the twenty-four ; showed some appearance of inflammation. Left the
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are to be paid annually to the prise fund of the State Society. Sixty dol-
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Pupils . . . Contracted. • Dilated, or in bad cases normal.

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