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in the Hospital one week ; but apparently began to cough ten

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set in, which was so much hurried, that the infant was born before I had

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clearly no need of an exhibition of the living subject to prepare the student on

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to be Eberth's bacillus. Experimentally the microbe was found not to pos-

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third of the thigh, the damaged state of the tissues

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portion of the fifth nerve after its union with the chorda tympani,

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the pain. The constant current acts anaesthetically more

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tality from typhoid fever has considerably increased

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There yet remain several methods of mercurial treatment of

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the well-known case of our gifted surgeon Simon, who ventured

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1. Protection of a Coxjntey against an Invasion op the

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ment of the joint by drawing the limb forward, and espe-

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that these feelings exercised a most salutary influence upon his

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Any one who wishes to give a special account of tuberculosis

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now regard it as belonging to the group of the more highly organized pleo-

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the arm. M. Oilier found that there was almost complete anchylosis. The

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The next subject treated of was galvano-pnnctore, and it was shown that by

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in delicacy (preci|)itation by carbon dioxide), detected

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said to be the result of an inquiry into the causation of some of the

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supra^renal capsules, &c., in which no proper secretion is formed, but

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/ hane never yet made a post-mortem examijuition in wliich

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tence with boiling water, and boil one minute. Used

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prehend essentially all cases in which epileptic or epi-

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the administration is pushed to an extreme extent. There is no specific

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fenfible that the cure of this diforder becomes more

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we belong, see beauty in the greatest variety of women of other coun-

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There is no reason why nurses should be taught, by embryo would-

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colored, but soon after feeding, becomes of dense, opaque, milk-white,

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In the majority of the British Colonies local registration of

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He was collapsed in the afternoon, reacted during the night»

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ble in many diabetic patients. Calcification of vessels leads to

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mentive indigestion. Good in sickness and in health.

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as phthisis, and result then in a cure under most any method of

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ihe whole body, lasting, however, but a short lime.

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