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here mentioned. Both troubles are due to uric acidsemia, and

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these cases is the condition of the vaccinifer or co-vaccinees mentioned ;

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the present epidemic are of the mild type of the disease, yet that

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presentation. Dr A. L. Gillespie saw her later, and found the head

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ance throughout. Guimbellot mentions the existence of obscure pro-

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INDERAL therapy Therefore, when discontinuance of INDERAL is planned fhe dosage

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hairs. The contents as usual were composed of fatty pap.

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The former, with a considerable rainfall and •'gumbo"

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and her friends. Still she was about the house all the

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Gnemidocoptes mulans (p. 51).— The mite of sealy-leg in fowls. Ventral

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(c) The disturbance is profound. The cortex is paralyzed and

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i"s their bigness, temperam.ent, substance, form, or covering

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put a foot-note at the bottom of the tabulated statement. Print

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on either by the left visual word-centre or by the right auditory word-

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1st time, 5,775; 2d time, 649; 3d time, 526; 4th time, 443;

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ramifies at first on the outer surface of the lenticular nucleus is so fre-

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Eegarding the treatment of ring-bone, it would be interesting,

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It is equally true that, even in the best of homes, the

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Needles: (a) An ordinary suture needle ; (b) a cervix needle ;

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leans, in 1858, remaining there during the three successive winters.

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of propriety, has undergone a great change upon this subject within

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wide in infants, it may be necessary to partially divide the alveolar

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Dr. Lee of Newark ; but his mother and family removing

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symptom in patients wlio liave meanwhile become marantic.

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of surgical assistance, or at the station where the wounded soldier

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