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afford to abide their time for a calm verdict on their

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It is an unfortunate observation that the nature of the

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and manufactured in the substance of the glandular organ itself; and

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legs in 15, about the knees in 3, ankles in 1, feet in 2, shoulders in 9 axilla

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with street rabies, died of the disease even when the

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Jessop of Leeds, by Macewen of Glasgow, and we believe by

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forwarded only on request and including those in parcel lots for institu-

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the calomel which accompanied it not being easily absorlied in

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wholesale contamination entitles Carmel to rank only

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certain that the toxicity of the drug sets a limit to the concentration of

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The eleventh edition ajDpeared, if we mistake not, two j^ears ago,

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either entirely absent, or slight in degree, and there is more commonly

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presence of living organisms, because the same changes may be obtained

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Branham, Sara Elizabeth, a, w, sp, Atlanta, Ga. A.B. (U. of Colorado) '19.

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practical importance, and many mistakes have resulted from the want

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respiration. The following day the temperature was 103. 5 F. ;

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kft him, that his wounds closed, and the functions of the

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action is of approximation of the tissues, squeezing out the offending

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which he now regards as incontestably established. He describes how

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But it is probably not only Citric acid that is efficacious, for

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aggregated to form multilocular bullae. The bullae vary in size from

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Dear me, how time flies ! It's too bad, too, when I thought so

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organ in the body must be consulted and studied be-

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pressed a strong wish, that they might be cured without

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