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York University School of Medicine . . . Daniel G. Miller,

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of water. This wash should 1^ anl^J """ ""^ '^'h h"^' a gallon

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amentia. In most cases in which syphilis is a factor there are

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really the true upper pole and the lower pole which

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"kinks" as his intestinal cases now are. It is not surprising that he

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potential millions of the best of Europe never now to be, because

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below, where it is known as the inguinal ligament. The latter

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merely that he believes them to be true, than other

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Almort any Mil except wet end mrnhy bnd is ntitable for the

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vessels to the next lymph gland, but not beyond (in dead ani-

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Society and with the secretary of such component coun-

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For a fixed dressing they use a great abundance of cotton,

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treatment of leg ulcers, idiopathic loss of taste and smell,

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Another remarkable observation coinciding with that of Williams' is that

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tumor. The patient recovered, but died a few months later.

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without any particular reason for so doing, except that the

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The society was also authorized by a majority of their votes,

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and Heller had already noted the relation of the gummatous areas

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tioner's Handbook of Materia Medica," Member of the Harrisburg

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along lines that will preserve and better their physical health ;

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the rinding of evidence of a purulent process in the body to-

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perforating wound of the cornea just below the pupillary area;

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vanced by Cannon, Shohl and Wright in explanation of the

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renal tissue evident anteriorly. Tumor poorly vascularized and contains necrotic foci marked by electronic cursor.

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the very best, both as regards hygienic surroundings and medical

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that sodium iodate is a specific for the paroxysms of simple, uncomplicated,

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there ., no d«.ger of severe winter frolt. i^T.ei" TT' "'""'

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which cannot be promptly adjusted, the dispute should

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dense fibrosis which is usually associated with the gummata of tertiary

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remedy will be found useful in conditions other than tetanus, as menin-

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