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canal (papilloma), epithelioma of the verge, cancer of the lip, and of the
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then advanced were chiefly based on experiments on animals. During
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often been struck, when restoring a lacerated cervix,
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chimpanzee, that extracts of organs such as the liver, are capable of
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resorted to, the disabling results will be greatly modified by the
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crystals of uric acid or oxalate of lime. But these casts are so
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June last had an attadc of bihous fever, and subsequently
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either general full anesthesia or local anesthesia. The method
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mistaken for the Meckel variety, and have been recorded as such :
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and virulent tubercle bacilli may remain latent in the body a long time ; and
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stands in the open, just where the farther side of the basin begins
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strual flow, in which it comes too early, and lasts too
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Other neurones in this preparation He immediately ventrally of
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sulphur ; second, to a series of experiments to determine
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special interest to them, at the next annual session, preparations for which
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" Waring's Practical Therapeutics," with unqualified admiration
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tion ; that it had been used by an unskilled hand; that the urethral
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^^^K Tbe correctness of the above explanation of Diabetes may
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in this respect not otherwise than the rabbit and the guinea-pig,
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said that the operation that could be conducted with the
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his room and found his friend seated on the bed, with the most
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which bad been unsuccessful As to the coagulation of the blood, he thought
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The mean ratios of the following British stations, on an average of six
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A girl, five years of age, was severely injured at birth by fall-
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and labor, and consequently with the smallest amount of actual attain-
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Fig. 134. Bancroft's tonometer for determining the curve of absorption of oxygen by hemoglobin
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emergency departments provide. Unfortunately, such per-
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ant in the Dispensary. Sec. a, M., Th.; sec. b, Tu., F.; sec. c, W., Sat., 2:00-
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mother visited and instructed is ever afterwards an active mission-
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lyi o'clock, for fear of a chill. Continues somewhat deaf.
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of which stood the house of Mr. Bawlings, a member of the
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Bonner, Catlett, T. L. Bond, Menees, J. E. Eenner, John B.

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