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my experience that there was no true cardiac affection,
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ized. However this may be, its contagiousness is un-
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a torch burn. The immediate result was disappointing in appearance,
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noetic signs, pathological description, necroscopic observations, etiological conjectures,
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invigorates for the whole day, seems to remove oppressive
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troubles by stimulating the mucous membrane of stomach to increase
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interview with Eord Panmure, the secretary of war, who ai)proved
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tribution of these clinical patterns, along with unusual and
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tonic, besides it is a pharmaceutical preparation that is most
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urethra. His results were not materially improved until a solution of sulpho-
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special method of disposal for the state hospital, which promptly was carried out ,
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tion, at the end of which the case was diagnosed as fibromata,
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losis — were fed upon the caseous substance from,
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even of a portion of it; we must therefore take the liberty of referring our readers
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on the conditions prevailing in Cuba during 1898, it
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of diseased hypophyses. Bartlett^^ describes it as enlarged in a case
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nimouly attributed to Boerhaave. and which held its ground for eo long
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1. 1888. revoked, and ordered to proceed to Camp Monte Sano,
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stored, though she had not yet recovered her usual strength.
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heads, little bodies, and long legs, and are nearly naked at first.
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Moses. The oldest Egyptian monuments bear upon them carvings
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Hysterical Mutism was first given to the condition in 1883 by
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suited to the needs of the micro-organisms of small-pox,
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Rat Xo. 5. — Few eneysted parasites on twenty-fifth day, but
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on the back,' is a very old and correct axiom, but one
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Dioviburnia. It is the experience of the most progressive practitioners that in all

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