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Symptomatology: — It is often impossible to determine

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treated, in giving mercury to cure it; the remedy be-

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The last Tolnine. nleeg bound In doth, ma]t n had St the ofltao, Kr tl Mb

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from the pollution of our Croton water. While I am quite

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not fear allowing rather a full amount of carefully divided and

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of the superior extremities, a titubating gait, and increase of myotatic

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the respiration was easier; pulse, 126; dyspnoea, cough, and consti-

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the secretion of the cerebrospinal fluid, an 1 extend their observa-

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and 222 in hospital practice. From a careful examination of this extensive

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modified form of surface drainage such as is seen at

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the article has been selected for a specific issue of JMSNJ. I

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Bull Lake. August 8, 1894 (No. 732); Laramie River, near lone

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social culture, and justly demand that he use them for

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Cornell all-round athlete, has been handling the hot corner in big league style.

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collapse from hgemorrhage. When the last-named complication

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ever, but Dr. Sims accepted my statement as to the j

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of the patients treated, and, accordingly, we have been forced to take

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symptoms, lesions and short duration of the disease were similar

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the foreign body was still present in the ear. After the removal of the seed it

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for the purposes of medical societies and the collec-

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the blades are apt to slip or rotate on the head, and the points will

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sults of entertaining them. 1. Mad dogs have no fear of

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removed from the cystic duct. Further examination of the

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certain extent the want and might be followed by other writers.

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conjunction ^^-ith iodine and boroglyceride tampons. I agree with the

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