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eral, instruction in first aid and antisepsis was ordered
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coated, and moist; moderate tenesmus. March 7th.—
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presents in general the same reddened, hemorrhagic appearance, is covered
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In copper-workers the gums are discoloured and ulcerated, and the teeth,
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feared is over-population and increasing competition.
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3. Anatomy. — There is nothing to show that the Hebrews
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colocynth pill. No more than twelve doses of the mixture from first to last
following on want of condition, and elsewhere * we have
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was of professional origin, and Parisian at that. Doctors, —
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Ten years ago she had another attack lasting three months. The
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referred to me by Dr. G. Forrest Martin. A very marked
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>W*VN$ >,Axr- T^,t:v t>.vr «i xTv :i:^ w>:*k i^xnts rf tke
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Scarlatina. The pathological anatomy of scarlatinal nephritis,
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employed was an eight per cent, solution of chloride
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in the order already adopted for the treatment of the displacements
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present themselves in every possible form in typhoid fever;
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as a reviewer is not expected to criticise the facts contained
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oxide of copper is abundantly reduced, and the yellow precipitate falls
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tracts, but involving the sensory as well, and thus
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tion for the strangulation, which was not materially pro-
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tion. He inoculated a perfectly healthy calf intra-peritoneally,
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pox patients and in small-pox pustules of the larynx and trachea.
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Peritonitis originating in splenitis and in simple colitis
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where they had abundant sunlight, fresh air and ex-
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dred pounds. Such is the most desirable horse in our cities for
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bulletin will be sent to the president and secretary of
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with the signs of longevity ; who is patient, has a
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in agreement with the President in regard to an autogenous toxaemia as
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Liverpool, in an excellent article on this subject in the Lancet, already
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millet. This is good diet but should be accompanied
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The danger of superficiality was keenly appreciated by
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delirious, with tremor and all the evidence of nervous exhaustion, the

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