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the Montreal General Hospital and many other hospitals. His
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given when the superintendent deems best. Patients were pro-
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overdose Treatment is symptomatic and supportive I V administration of 1 to
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being nuclear material, for this stain is well known to be somewhat
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single well-authenticated successful case. It is cer-
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experience, I have found equally mortal in the congenital ence-
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of the lacking element, while a permanent or a marked rise even if hut
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this had continued from three to five minutes, her arms fell
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merit of keeping prominently in view an important element, a serious
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cases where there is visible membrane in the throat, if the culture is made
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account of its slight unpleasant after-effects and for the increased dia-
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himself was a profound believer in all this sort of
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cumstances the production of pulmonary tuberculosis, with
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pneumonia was due to cold or to prevailing winds as it would be
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The Association was called to order by President Mooue, at 10:15
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in the case of a practitioner of human medicine ; and if a special
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frequent with twin than with single pregnancies. According to Bartels,
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venient manner, by having the tilting concave mirror
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Tuberculosis, among cattle, which in principle is identical
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clusive fact. If, indeed, fibrin undergoes destruction in those glands,
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fluid in the cavity of the peritoneum. Spleen, to appear-
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is 5,000,000 to the c.mm., and the average minimal amount of hemo-
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skin hot, tongue dry and brown ; he is much debilitated; has also diarrhoea
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with the bodies exposed to the waist. The inspection is rapid but
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The by-laws of the society referred to in the special
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bile-ducts, orchitis, and other like tubular inflammations; and its spe-
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associated with it, there is continued fever having a quotidian exacer-
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•6173 Bigelow, H.J. Orthopedic surgery and other medical
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erysipelas, eczema, and scabies, and is of the opinion that creolin forms

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