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shows evidence of collapsed lung from the level of the second rib in the mid-clavicular line, seventh

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tended observations than have yet been made to determine the

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pain was in the right side. It was concluded that this sudden pain was caused by the esc{4)e

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It has been said that the most fitting monument in honor of a public man is

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thirty-tive and one-half inches at its base. It ex-

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ties, such as the Pierre Robin syndrome. A follow-up

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To illustrate the true characteristic symptoms, I refer

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Only uses the catheter (No. 8 gum elastic) when he has not had an

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spite of passing part of their existence on a non-sus-

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Teeth ajid Hair. Shown by Robert Knox, M.D. ... ... ... 61

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prevent them from listening to that which at first thought might

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These facts taken together with the too evident fact that the water

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solid food, the first time in three years, and since going home has

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be obeyed and respected by all under his jurisdiction.

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States and are appearing in the medical and public press regarding

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ant in the Dispensary. Sec. a, M., Th.; sec. b, Tu., F.; sec. c, W., Sat., 2:00-

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2. Mild infections, chiefly due to staphylococcus. These differ very

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The following table is copied from Landau, and shows very

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follows the application of the virus. This is what occurs when the

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Dr. A. Jacobi, the President, read a letter from Dr.

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authorized by law, as a majority did not meet. If there was no lawful meeting there was

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confidence. I fear such cases come from the medical side

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Cholera in 1876 at a camp near Murree in India, By Charles Moore

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erless; cannot take hold of anything, has to be fed

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the hemoglobin molecule upon which the combining power depends. This

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mesial line. This was effectual, but on the patient's

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was from forty-six to fifty years. The patients presented nothing

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