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step in the treatment. This is easily effected by the application of warm
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to lend weight to this hypothesis. The knowledge of the fact that the
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days after the operation the ventral root near its cut end showed
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of nitrate of silver if it be confined directly to the point
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the window. Even when apparently completely prostrated a patient may be
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overdilatation, so continue until the thumbs are in contact with the
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and benefits. Send CV to Shane Spray, 1400 E Kincaid,
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animals that develop marked male characteristics, such as the growth
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genital deformity; but the history is of the former; the mother having
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of Southern cattle to the Northern ranges. Up to 1885 about all
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of a child had taken place a few moments before death. It would be
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employed was an eight per cent, solution of chloride
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uteri, guides the instrument. It is a great aa vantage of this contrivance that
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is brought into contact with the gastric juice; this juice is a sour
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must be given in very small doses^ beginning with one drop of the
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the capsular ligament, if the rluid is not absorbed by
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severe urfemic attacks do not invariably prove fatal, even in chil-
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to the jaundiced infant, intercranial pressure monitoring in
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erally accepted, viz : That the disease in a great many cases is due to
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part of the bladder wound was then carefully sutured with
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shrunken ; segmental forms are rarely seen, and within five or six
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phur and magnesia are comparatively bulky articles.
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used for the purpose. He stated that the period of incubation in hydro-
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marked features, he frankly admitted that he had failed to grasp
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"As this method of controlling hemorrhage does not require the
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From the facts and considerations adduced in the essay before us. Dr.
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or slight hypochondriasis suggest early general paralysis, physical signs
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of such change, it may become habitual for the careful phy-
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The far-reaching- character of heat-stroke as a cause of
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membrane, and fitting the nozzle of a syringe water-tight into

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