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appearing, and yellowish mucoid, and afterwards pappy discharges fi-oni the

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which had occurred in his practice during the course of

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prevalent diseases of hot weather. They have a very convenient

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my views on public and political questions of moment.

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gression. In idiots and imbeciles the thickness of the pyramidal cell

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members of the same family follow the same occupation and do about

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or lamb, veal or pork, etc. It cannot, perhaps, be demonstrated,

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sound or sight to disturb him, and where no curious idler

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Chapman, Experimental Researches on Pericarditis. [Oct.

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has been unable to turn the eyes to the side of the lesion, or both eyes

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means of treatment, soluble iodoform pencils being in-

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•34762 Fraser, Pat. Treatise on husband and wife, according

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Statistics of Cases treated in the Pasteur Institute, Paris, not including

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constructed by Breuss, in which traction is made on the handles, the

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must be deducted that due to removal of casix, meco-

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especially of their training in medicine and in sur-

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ed ; and thus an equilibrium brought about between the

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ment requested him to study the causes of the silkworm

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tion that it is only in certain restricted fields that

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sclerosis. (7) While typhoid does not exert so deleteriovis an action on

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