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ease, the legitimate and grateful domain of surgical art."

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improvement of their complexions, and the obliteration of the

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The question of depth perception or stereoscopic vision is important,

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ments was to ascertain the method most effective in producing

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told that the ruin of Ireland would be the cultivation

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gina PeSloris, Sibhens, and Morbus Veficularis ; all thefe fell natu-

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Heredity is admitted as a very important predisposing cause, and in study-

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by the fact that the emaciation is a constant, and well marked symp-

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a beautiful and gradual tapering all the way from the

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cases developing from time to time; from one-quarter to one-third of those

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during July of the same year another sore appeared upon the

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ing recovery in pulmonary and other diseases.... 845

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failed to supply the proper remedy, the author, many

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as in the testicle, there were evidences of periodic changes, but the

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partial; and in proportion to the approximation of the centre

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man in his house. 'He contiiiiled to enljoy the same

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though in dimension there is a general resemblance.

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a brief review of the most important thoughts and improvements suggested

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an early stage (fourth to eighth week) of the disease, found a high degree

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clear " company " soup of excellent flavour, whose only fault, if it be a

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one may observe a distant object with both eyes at the

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cleanliness, a healthy skin and state of the body, and a separation

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out of the abdomen during the whole operation, so that the sur-

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Dr. Morris reports this case. The patient was a married wonian,

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