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ounces (1450 grams). The heart was rather small, weighing only 8

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Alkaline sails belong to the Catalytic order of Antiphlogistice : thej

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polynuclear have varied from 78 to 53 per cent. The other white cells

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lateralis component of the vagus are for the most part very coarse,

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piece of open ground at the back of the hospital affords

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pressure on the nerve terminals, and as a result increase of the

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Early in the year 1881, the bacillus of anthrax was

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of red blood-corpuscles. These are diminished by bloodletting.

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was being completed, others were being washed for a second charge. —

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toxins. They can reach the general circulation only by passing

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In- Growing JVail. — On a former occasion we refered to Dr. Gilmau's treat-

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These earlier studies primarily measured serum cholesterol

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both ventricles, and through the diaphragm. A furrowed mark

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as it should bo. But why have so many lectures at all ? When

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me by the continual slipping of the strips, necessitating reapplication of

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The Stomach. — The stomach is generally outlined by bismuth

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suffering, not only to women themselves, but to posterity, results

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some degree of immunity has had an opportnnity of developing.

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improvement in the quality of the voice. I did not see the

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nected with the diagnosis. It was difficult to say posi-

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