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difficulty. The influence on the individual sufferer is quite unimportant.

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recommended by the Association, and that all Colleges now in exist-

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of the treatment is said to be manifested early in a fall of tem-

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a recent case. If we bear in mind the fact that we have in these cases

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in forcing them down the bore of the fire-arm could not be got

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a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda dissolved in it.

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anything else but landing its professors on the rocks. But need

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successful completion, is a system of civilization or of marriage which will

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helpless; deep reflexes increased on both sides; Babinski on both sides; speech

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it may be associated with a secondary infection, especially of the pyogenic

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The latter is by no means an invariable rule, however ; for instead of

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first: later sluggish. Improvement usually rapid. In another group,

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In Scotland, as in England, the merchant burgesses of the towns were favoured by

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cattle purchased for fattening, in which there is no hurry.

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in these sur&ce waters, and from the pleasant drinking qualities it imparts to them,

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to the soporific possibilities of Sunday morning in

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with a necrotic mucous layer and cedematous swelling as in the large bowel.

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dean of the medical school was William S. Middleton, who

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the blood-vessels and perivascular spaces was found

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came under observation ; but in some of the cases in which albuminuria

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and when admitted was in deep coma, from which she did not rally.

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