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instructed to proceed to the places, make a careful examination, and
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every language of overv medicine, mineral and vegeta-
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for more leisiu-ely investigation, pecuniarily doubtful
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take an equal place with man, a reaction came in the masculine mind that
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severely every Sunday, so that he became nervous about it when-
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created for those who call alcohol a sheet-anchor in such
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Epstein states it as his belief that the most frequent cause of these
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The conclusion drawn by the authors from this demonstrative experiment was
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millimetres in tbidmees, depending upon the depth of the disease
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manipulation and dilatation, retention of placental tissue or membranes,
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brane, it uniformly retards both peptic and pancreatic
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Originally organized October 20, 1845 ; discontinued in
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A pound bottle of KUMYSGEN will be sent any Physician prepaid on receipt
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thirty-five yards wide there, and has such a vast volume
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SiMiONESEN ^ calls attention to the slightly appre-
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his material. In this way the criterion of compari-
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cause. Hence, in case the abstraction of heat were necessary
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Now the new doctor's fame goes up, his patients increase,
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ment of the operation he classifies present methods as
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that young men being hot and dry, the heat doth digest more,
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Some of them purposely cloud their opinions, so that when
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Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Association, Southern Minnesota Medical Association, Northern Minnesota
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The term "cerebral compression" should be restricted to this latter
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copoeia. Cloth, extra, $7.00; best leather, raised bands, $8.00; half Russia, raised bands,
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tion by the character ol its medical school. Having completed
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Hewlett, King's College, London ; Dr S. Rideal. London : Pro-
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by the European race. In order to prove that debility is at the

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