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crowded population, and find more force for its origin, it does not require large

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the diet poorly, have Urn above five million per cubic millimeter,

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them. Malaria flourishes especially in the warm seasons because

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well, sun-beam neighbor, is as good a name as any. She was over

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the bowels constipated ; tongue slightly furred ; pulse 70,

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eases of animals within the Kingdom. To effect the first, the landing

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the veins, and the centripetal venous pulse is formed. The general opinion is

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examined, — ihe main difrcicucub IjL'iny in llic amount of -^iroma and in the

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or ovary to the surrounding parts, the abscesses of these organs

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discharges small doses of quinine are very beneficial.

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islature now in session in conformity to said resolutions. The report

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and well-nourished town children exceed the standard height in a notice-

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val be extended to three or four months, it is found that

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putting them by little and little between the mole and the

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horse ; and if only just out of training, she should

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first, but the poles at the corresponding ends were of the contrary

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SECURITIES IS VERY IMPORTANT. A 2V 2 % U.S. Government Bond or Corporate Bond for

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On the third day the diaphragm became paralyzed, and the heart more

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briety and temperance are considered to be the only

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festooned in a way which I might even describe as beautiful.

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ment in the naval or military service of the King. He cannot be

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or point of the scissors to allow a wide communication with the

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Ambroise Pare, who found his opportunity in mihtary surgery

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