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adopted throughout Germany into two j)ositions, head and breech, is at-

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thus the most essential condition for pus-producing inflamma-

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Symptoms of improvement had commenced about four in the morning. Her

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necessary to elevate the profession, was yet to be done. I

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is 55 volume per cent, which corresponds to an alveolar air of about

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common in the mouth and throat of healthy children or of children not

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poor and non-strengthening slop, M'hich is so injurious and

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Considerable inflammatory action followed, but was in time

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Prevention of Tuberculosis, and of the Committee on the Prevention of

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having glanders, and in making a physical examination of

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1960. Carroll, Robert T., 1015 Chestnut St., Jefferson Bldg., Room 803 (19107)

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then and there feloniously and wilfully cause to be

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opinion that the educational departments of Canada should be invited

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As I have pointed out elsewhere, the essential parts of an

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of the bronchi the muscular coat may have disappeared. The mucous

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ciently by means of powders, when sufficiently fine

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finds that the transmission of tubercle bacilli from mother to foetus is not at

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under the varying influence of two opposite tenden-

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to us and the profession, is the consolidation and concen-

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whole, but also to the profession of which he himself has been so

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ing in the head, and perhaps temporarily disordered vision.

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same termination, while each new attack is accompanied with the

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