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subacute conjunctivitis, an infection caused by a special
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of these in appropriate cases, I maintain that the real philosophy of
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before. The AIDS epidemic reminds us— with its pandemic
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some difficulty was experienced in getting the head through the supe-
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El 1 stic Ligatures for Securing the Funis, 158. Effects of Ma-
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the subject, we should stand in a much better position before the public than
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dian lithotomy is only applicable to small stones, and lithotrity
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time, however, until 1860 the condition, though occasionally noted by
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eliminating nearly 12,000 grains of sugar daily, the urine being
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with the theory that they are in a sort of indirect way of tuber-
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in vogue, though many of the older nonoperative methods con-
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were attempted slow, spastic movements were noted in the
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drunkenness; — and when in this state he became turbulent, violent,
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without further operative interference. Three weeks after the
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day. The gall-bladder was not so much enlarged, most of the tumor
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'614061s. London. Incorporated society of medical officers of
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occur as complications. But outside of these there are a
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for control were completely filled throughout with tuber-
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Robinson, M.D. London : J.& A. Churchill, 1887.
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Bromoform IN Whooping-cough. — Dr S. Schippers furnishes
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Upon thorough examination, the parts were found perfectly cica-
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So much for the force and equipment of the division.
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The cattle from New Zealand that have been landed at Deptford have been of
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will be so much the better if this be repeated many
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part of the subject has not received nearly the attention which it
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all cases the horse recognises that he can be as firm as the
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for cultivation is 37°C, the limits of temperature range being 25-
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drawings, showing the manner of adapting the instrument to the various

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